Don't Take Risks With Hazardous Trees

Schedule tree removal services in Palmyra, ME and the surrounding communities right away

At Northern Tree Service in Palmyra, ME, we use bucket trucks for all our hazardous tree removals. This technique is often safer than climbing trees and using ropes, and it's a better option for trees that are close to homes, businesses or other structures. If one of your trees is giving you trouble, we can quickly and safely remove it for you.

Many of our customers schedule hazardous tree removal services as a way to prepare for storm season. Schedule an appointment today to take a proactive approach.

3 good reasons to make us your go-to tree company

Choosing the right tree removal company is important. When compared to other local companies, Northern Tree Service offers:

  • Better safety - by using an insulated bucket truck for our tree removals, we can safely remove trees near power lines
  • Quicker service - we're almost always able to remove trees within a day, and we offer same-day services depending on your location
  • More convenience - while we encourage you to be present for the tree removal, you don't have to be

We're so confident in our work that we don't ask for any payment until the project is complete. Call today to partner with us.