Let Us Help You Out

From tree removals to wood chipping, our team in Palmyra, ME does it all

If a tree has fallen on your land, you may not be sure what your options are. Hauling off a tree can be a massive undertaking, but Northern Tree Service in Palmyra, ME is here to help. Whether it be via wood chipping or splitting, we'll break the tree down into more manageable pieces. You can even use the wood as mulch for your garden once we've finished.

In addition to wood splitting and chipping, we offer other methods for removing downed trees. Reach out today to learn more.

Why should you hire us?

There are several different reasons why you may need wood chipping or splitting services. You should hire us if:

  • A dead or diseased tree has fallen on your property
  • You want to use firewood from your own yard
  • You'd like to have a tree removed and turned into mulch

For convenient wood splitting services at a fair price, contact us today.